A Geelong Way From Home

Welcome to the city of Geelong, about an hour train ride outside of Melbourne.
Geelong Botanical Gardens 9DSCN3017DSCN3081.JPGGeelong is a smallish city, but it’s absolutely lovely. It always seems to be filled with happy dogs and children, but that might be because we’ve been spending a lot of time at the water front, where families and people with dogs like to hang out. Or maybe it really is just a place full of young families and animal lovers!
skywheel 8
Geelong was almost made the capital of Victoria in the 1800s, but Melbourne beat it by having a deeper harbor. In any case, it is definitely one of the greatest places in Australia as it’s where our friend Ash lives! She’s been so kind to let us stay with her for our first two weeks here! She’s been on holiday from work herself, so we’ve had exciting adventures pretty much every day!
Brisbane Ranges Stone throneGeeling Sparklers
We’ve done all kinds of things! In Geelong itself, we’ve spent some time with these colorful characters.

geelong bollards 2.jpggeelong bollards.jpg

They’re called bollards, and there are 40 of them throughout Geelong.
We’ve also gone swimming in the protected swimming area,

Geelong from the hill.JPGand even rode the sky wheel!
Skywheel 2Skywheel 3Skywheel 1skywheel 5skywheel 9

skywheel 6

We’ve gone on some field trips to places like Queenscliff and Portarlington,
Queenscliff CastleQueenscliff Lighthouse view

Starfish 1Starfish 2
Ocean Grove for mini golf,
And one of my personal favorites, a hike in the Brisbane Ranges! It was amazing! Besides having beautiful views the entire time, we saw some extremely Australian wildlife!! We saw four wallabies, two of them sitting right in the path in front of us, and they darted off in different directions as soon as we saw them.
Wallabee 2Wallabee
We also saw a koala sitting in a tree! It was passed out so hard! Drunk on eucalyptus probably!
In Melbourne we’ve gone to the National Gallery of Victoria and the Melbourne Museum.
Melbourne Museum 2.JPGMelbourne Museum 3.JPGMelbourne Museum 9.JPGMelbourne Museum 10.JPGMelbourne Museum 11.JPG

(This was at the Melbourne Museum. There was a Moylan in Australia’s Army in WWI!)

We’ve made lots of noise, singing karaoke and playing with the Federation Bells. If you download the app you can control them, so Alex made them play Back in Black!
It was very funny when people walking by didn’t know that it was him playing random notes too!
kareoke.jpgfederation bells.jpg
Thanks Ash! It’s been really fun staying with you and going on all these adventures!


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