Fire and Ice Cream

Whoops! Last week was 4th of July! You know, being in Australia I didn’t think I’d get to see any fireworks this Independence Day, and I was a little disappointed, but I needn’t have been! We got to see fireworks of our own just a few days before the 4th at Melbourne’s first annual Winter Fire Festival!

DSCN3790 (2)

It was a cool little festival with trash can fires, fire eaters, fire themed foods, and to cap it all off: the burning of an effigy on the river and fireworks!

DSCN3769 (2)

Effigy pre-burning and during-burning!

As far as street festivals go, it was a little small, but it was still a good time, and a party based around fire was nice on such a chilly night!

That was on Saturday, and on Sunday Alex, Ash and I chilled out with some action movies. Some ice cream themed action movies to be precise. The historic Astor theatre in Melbourne held a showing of the Cornetto Trilogy; Sean of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and World’s End


Each of these films are by the same director and main actors, and each features a different frozen treat. The theater of course had ice creams for sale as well, but for some reason instead of having actual Cornettos they had Drumsticks.

The theatre is very cool (sorry, couldn’t resist). It was built in the 30’s and still has that look. They even have a resident theater cat!

We got to pet the cat!

To top it all off, I’ve been hearing about how back home in New Hampshire there’ve been a lot of rainbows recently, but you should know that we’re not missing out here.

DSCN3802 (2)

Fireworks in early July, rainbows; it’s like anything we might be missing from home, Australia is saying, no, we’ve got that too!


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