Head over Healesville

Have I told you I love wildlife? You know… just in case you weren’t able to pick up on that from how excited I get every time we go to a sanctuary or zoo. Well guess where we went last Wednesday?


Healesville Wildlife Sanctuary!

This one is really cool, it’s only Australian critters, and they have some amazing demonstrations!

DSCN3859 (2)
Me with some rainbow lorikeets!

the highlight of the day was probably the Spirits of the Sky show, where we got to see so many different kinds of birds who were all incredibly trained! We were in an outdoor arena that seated probably 200 people, with no roof or net overhead. The birds were un-tethered, and flew around over the crowd (sometimes barely missing our heads!) Some of the parrots did tricks. We got to see how some raptors can crack open emu eggs, and saw a wedge-tailed eagle almost as old as I am!

DSCN3814 (2)
This is a tawny frogmouth. I think they are hilarious birds. 

Another of my favorite things to happen was when we saw the dingoes (first of all, yay! I had been waiting to see dingoes!) and one of them (we think it was Omeo) came up and greeted me personally! We were standing at the area where it was only mesh separating us and the dingoes, and one of them trotted right up to see us. I of course bent down and started talking to him, telling him how excited I was to meet him and what a good dingo he was, and he put his paws up on the ledge to reach up and smell my breath while I talked! (I had just eaten a Vegemite roll). I got Freckled by a dingo!

Me with my new buddy


The echidnas were cool. They were another animal I’d never seen and been really excited about, and every time we walked past them they got better!


The first time there was one and it was sleeping. The next time it was pacing around. The third time there were two and they were eating. We joked that we should go by a fourth time and they’d be playing cards or something.

We saw so many great birds that day.


The resident male lyrebird they had was immature so he didn’t quite have the iconic lyrebird tail feathers, or the incredible repertoire that I might have expected, but it was cool to see lyrebirds nonetheless.

DSCN3848 (2)
You can see one of the lyre feathers coming in there. 

This place also  had the same message about balloons as the Melbourne Zoo, which I love.

DSCN3809 (2)

One other quick story; Alex and I had a very interesting time at the launderette this week! The dryers there only take one dollar coins, not two dollar coins, so there is a machine at the place where you can change your money. As we found out the hard way, the machine was broken this time, and when you put coins in nothing would come out unless you pounded on it just the right way. Despite our warnings, several people put coins in, and none of them were able to get their money back. Alex seemed to be the one with the magic touch though, and he got everyone’s money out for them, and we made friends with lots of strangers by giving their money back to them! I love the universal feeling of community when something goes wrong and strangers help each other get through it together. We had a lot of good vibes going that day!


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