Minimum Wage? More Like Minimum Wow! Why Are We Coming Home Again?

Remember that time I was in Adelaide and everything was closed by 5pm on a Saturday? This is because of something called penalty rates, which are basically the same as pay differentials in America. There is a 50% penalty rate when you work on Sundays, and 200% rate on public holidays! Because of this sometimes … Continue reading Minimum Wage? More Like Minimum Wow! Why Are We Coming Home Again?


Saturday Street Art: Adelaide Comissions

Since I've been talking about Adelaide for the last week, it only makes sense to show off some art from Adelaide today! While this art is quite beautiful, I believe it is entirely commissioned. It's not like Melbourne, where most of the street art is done by rogue artists with spray cans, these are allowed … Continue reading Saturday Street Art: Adelaide Comissions

♪ Why don’t you come over, [to] Adelaide? ♪

Adelaide! A lot of Australians I've met have said it's boring, but I liked it a lot! I do see what they mean in one respect... everything shuts down really early on weekends. Well, the bars and restaurants are still open so if that's what people want than I don't know what they're complaining about. … Continue reading ♪ Why don’t you come over, [to] Adelaide? ♪

“Looks like we’ll be…. swimming with the fishes”

Now you know Australia is full of kangaroos, koalas, and crocodiles, but did you know that many places around the coast have year round dolphin populations? And did you know you can go Swimming with them?! Now, this was actually a pretty tough decision for me. I know how terrible institutions like Sea World are, and … Continue reading “Looks like we’ll be…. swimming with the fishes”

Wine Dog Days of Summer

When we stayed at HelpX's in Tasmania we had some lovely experiences. When we stayed at one in Canberra, it was really amazing. Alex and I spent most of December staying at Murrumbateman Winery just outside of the capitol city of Australia, Canberra. To quote from their bottles, "Small batch wine Local handpicked grapes. Passionate winemaker. … Continue reading Wine Dog Days of Summer