I’m Not Messina-round!

  In classic FOMO fashion, I of course googled "best places to go in Melbourne" upon arriving there. One of the places that popped up was Messina Gelato, supposedly the best gelato in all of Victoria. We obviously had to try it out. Located in Fitzroy, it's right in front of a tram stop so … Continue reading I’m Not Messina-round!


Street Art Saturday: Colorful Cartoons

Melbourne is famous for a lots of things, coffee culture, trams, and the Melbourne Cup being a few. One of it's biggest claims to fame however is it's amazing (and prolific!) street art! I have spent a lot of afternoons wandering around the alleyways of Melb, listening to podcasts and taking pictures of art. Granted, … Continue reading Street Art Saturday: Colorful Cartoons