Wine Dog Days of Summer

When we stayed at HelpX's in Tasmania we had some lovely experiences. When we stayed at one in Canberra, it was really amazing. Alex and I spent most of December staying at Murrumbateman Winery just outside of the capitol city of Australia, Canberra. To quote from their bottles,¬†"Small batch wine Local handpicked grapes. Passionate winemaker. … Continue reading Wine Dog Days of Summer


I’m Dreaming of a Hot Christmas!

This was my first Christmas away from home... about 10,200 miles away! (Or about¬†16,436 km, if you're metrically inclined.) My general impression of Australian Christmas is that it's pretty similar to an American one. There are still stores decorated with Christmas trees and tinsel, and they still use a fair amount of snow imagery even … Continue reading I’m Dreaming of a Hot Christmas!