Street Art Saturday: Cats

So I don't know who, but there is apparently a cat loving tagger loose in Melbourne. I love finding new cats in the same style hidden in different places. I included a few cats that are obviously someone else too, just to go with the theme. Purrlease enjoy!


Street Art Saturdays: More Portraits

It's been a while since I showed you the last batch of portraits, so here's some more! Amazing street art portraits are definitely my favorite things to find. I just think it's so skillful and I love seeing them! From the minimalist pictures to the photo-like images, they're all impressive!

Saturday Street Art: Adelaide Comissions

Since I've been talking about Adelaide for the last week, it only makes sense to show off some art from Adelaide today! While this art is quite beautiful, I believe it is entirely commissioned. It's not like Melbourne, where most of the street art is done by rogue artists with spray cans, these are allowed … Continue reading Saturday Street Art: Adelaide Comissions